Head Coach - Coach Brad Crain

Asst. Coaches – Coach Dalton and Coach Hibbard

Cross Country

Coach: Ashley Hutchinson

Practice Meet

Date: August 27th

Location: Sydney Hutchinson

West Feliciana Relays

Date: September 5th

Location: WF Sports Park

4 Way Invitational

Date: September 11th

Location: Sydney Hutchinson

Yellow Jacket Dash

Date: September 19th

Location: Northh Park

Southside Invitational

Date: September 25th

Location: North Park

Governor's Games

Date: October 8th

Location: STA, Hammond

Rollette Invitational

Date: October 15th

Location: STA, Hammond

Parish Championship

Date: October 22nd

Location: Sydney Hutchinson

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Boys Basketball
  • ESTIMATED GAME TIMES (Games may potentially start earlier or later)

  • 6th Grade Boys 4 pm

  • 7th Grade Boys 5:30

  • 8th Grade Boys 7:30

  • Coach Justin HIBBARD:

Oct 23-WJH vs Doyle 
Oct 29th –Blue/White Scrimmage
6th Grade @ 5:30
7th Grade @ 6:30
8th Grade @ 7:30
Nov 4 –WJH VS North Corbin @ Walker High School
Nov 7 –WJH vs Juban Parc
Nov 11 –WJH @ Albany
Nov 14 –WJH vs Southside
Nov 18 –WJH @ Denham Springs
Nov 18- Nov 22- Ponchatoula Tournament
Nov 23 – Battle of The State Lines @ WJH
Dec 5 –WJH vs Live Oak
Dec 9 –WJH @ North Corbin
Dec 12- WJH vs White Castle
Dec 16 –Dec 19 Parish Tournament @ Denham Springs Jr High
Jan 3-Jan 4-  Assumption Tournament
Jan 11-Jan 12- Zachary Tournament
Jan 13 –WJH @ Juban Parc
Jan 16 –WJH vs Albany
Jan 17-18 – Showdown In The Lake @ Hamilton Christian
Jan 23 –WJH @ Southside
Jan 27 –WJH vs Denham Springs
Jan 30 –WJH @ White Castle
Feb 3 –WJH @ Live Oak
Feb 5-6 – Final Four @ North Corbin

Girls Basketball

Coach Ashley Hutchinson:

Estimated Game Times (Games may potentially start/end earlier or later)

6th Grade Girls-4 PM

7th Grade Girls-4:45 PM

8th Grade Girls-6:30 PM

23-Oct    Doyle    Home    6:00    7th/8th
25-Oct    Holden    Home    6:00    7th/8th
28-Oct    Cristo Rey     Home    6:00    8th ONLY
4-Nov    North Corbin    Walker High    Begin @4:45    
7-Nov    Juban    Home    Begin @4    ALL
11-Nov    Albany    Away    Begin @4:45    
14-Nov    Southside    Home    Begin @4    ALL
18-Nov    Denham    Away    Begin @4:45    
Nov 19-21    Ponchatula Tournament    Away    TBA    8th ONLY
5-Dec    Live Oak    Home    Begin @4:45    
9-Dec    North Corbin    Away    Begin @4    ALL
Dec 10-14    Parish Tournament    Denham     TBA    8th ONLY
Dec 19-21    White Castle Tournament    Away    TBA    8th ONLY
Jan 3-4     Assumption Tournament    Away    TBA    8th ONLY
13-Jan    Juban    Away    Begin @4:45    
16-Jan    Albany    Home    Begin @4    ALL
23-Jan    Southside    Away    Begin @4:45    
27-Jan    Denham    Home    Begin @4    ALL
3-Feb    Live Oak    Away    Begin @4    ALL
10-14 Feb    Final Four    Corbin    TBA    8th ONLY





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