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8th graders going into high school band!!!!! Read this!!!!

Hey all my 8th grade peeps!

Mr Hirst at the high school asked me to reach out to you guys and remind you that if you're doing high school band you should be submitting an audition tape on flipgrid. Don't freak out about the audition. Remember that it isn't for whether or not you're going to be in band, it is to try to place you on the right parts. It isn't fun playing parts to easy and it REALLY isn't fun playing parts too hard, they're trying to prevent that from happening but they can only do that if you submit an audition tape.

If you need info on how to sign up for the flipgrid/schoolology/remind/etc check the link below:

If you have any questions about the audition info please get in touch with one of the Walker band directors, they're as nice if not nicer than me! You can get in touch with Mr. Hirst at and you can get in touch with Mr. Seighman at

Thanks for taking the few minutes it took to read this!

Wash your hands!


(This post's photo is a turtle I saw kayaking)

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