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Friends, Romans, Countrymen....Bring me/come get your stuff!

Hello all

We approach another opportunity for you to come get your instruments that you left at Westside.... or to bring in an instrument that you have at home that belongs to Westside.

Ms. Wilkinson and I will be at school in the band room next Monday, April 27th from 8am until noon.

If you know someone who still has an instrument or mouthpiece that belongs to Westside make sure they know about this drop off date. You guys almost never stop talking at school so I'm relying on that to help me spread the word. PLEASE tell everyone. Text your friend, Zoom with the person who sits next to you, Call the dude who always asks "What are we doing?" right after I just said it, Telegram the person you miss the most and make sure that they know about this day!






Come Get Your Stuff

Bring Me What Is Mine

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