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It is Quaran"time" to talk about Band

Hello everyone!

It seems like it was just last week that we were practicing our Bb Concert Scales, our concert music, going to District Festival, taking quizzes, and talking about the wonders of rhythm chart grades. Oh how far we've come!

With all of the craziness that is going on right now, I know eventually you will want to step away from your Fortnite, and your Snap-stagram-book™, and so on and go out exploring the world around you with all of your new time off. Well don't do that. Wash your hands, stay inside, and play your instrument!

In this blog you will find links to pdfs of work/practicing guides that we want you to do. You'll find a practice log that we'd like you to print and keep track of your practice time with. Don't have a printer?!?!?! You're in luck, Ms. Wilk made the practice log so that you can simply write it on a piece of paper. Y'all haven't been out of school so long you forgot how to write have you? No? Sweet.

Seriously though, we both know that you are going to get really bored after a day or so. And we ALL know that you're gonna miss dear ole' Mr. P and the superstar known as........Ms. Wilkinson. And when you're reminiscing about all of the good times we had in class, bust out that instrument and give it some toots.... or some taps (for those percussionists out there).

In the links you'll find a variety of things and we plan to add stuff as we find it.

Stuff like:

suggested goals during practicing (and what specifically to practice to hit those goals)

cool videos of your instrument

songs I want you to listen to (like the song sharing thing we did in class)

Mr. P playing trombone as he floats down the river like a beautiful swan

tons of free music to sightread

tons of free band music to play along with recordings

And if there is ever anything you're working on and need help with, PLEASE email me or Ms Wilk. We really do enjoy teaching you guys, and I'm gonna be stuck in my house with only my cats, dogs, and wife for company so any other human interaction would be fantastic. So stay in touch, ask for help, say "hi", send me a photo of you practicing, something.

I hope you guys have a relaxing COVID-19 quarantine, and I hope you play your instruments every day. I know I will be and I'm really excited to be playing again.

Check out this blog for posts. Check out the YouTube channel. Play your instruments. Watch out for people who don't wash their hands. Stop touching your face. Wash your hands.

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