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School Split Info

Hey everyone, hope the boredom hasn't taken over completely.

I know that some of you are starting to get letters that tell you what school you will be going to next year with the school split. Some of you will remain at Westside and some of you will be transferring to Walker Jr High. I’m sure you have a ton of questions and Ms. Wilkinson and I would like to talk to you about it. We would’ve liked to be able to talk to you about this face to face, but the quarantine obviously prevented that from happening. We know that, for some of you, band is a huge part of your lives, it is the class you look forward to every day. Because of that feeling, this school split can create some anxiety about your future in band for next year. We would like to help calm some of that anxiety by talking to you about it. We plan on making a video to talk about the school split later today but we need your questions. If you want to email us to ask us a question, voice a concern, leave a comment, express your outrage, please do. We will try to talk about everything on the video, but we can only do that if you let us know what you’re thinking.

We plan on making this video this afternoon/tonight (3/20/20) so email us your questions as soon as possible.

Our email addresses are:

The link to our YouTube channel is here:

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