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Symphonic Band Stuff #1

Yo yo yo, Mr. P droppin beats hizzie...... whatever.

You should've looked at the practice logs and practice schedule already. I expect you guys to play for at least an hour a day. You've got the time, you know you do. Fill it with something useful and fun. I promise it'll be fun if you actually try.

I'll try to upload a bunch of music for you guys to check out and play. But I wanted to share this link with you first. It is everything from our music library that I've scanned in. You can look up the name of the song and the composer/arranger and find a recording and then read your part along with the recording. Kind of like we do in class but just you. I'll add more to this folder if I get more, but that requires going to school and scanning stuff so no promises.

I plan on adding more posts as I find stuff. But take this time to look through our YouTube playlists. There is a ton of cool stuff to be seen and I know you haven't watched all of it. Go check it out. I'll be uploading some videos over the "break" so if there is a way to get notified when I upload something do that (I'm old now apparently so I don't know how to do it.)

If you have any requests for anything you'd like me to make a video of let me know and I'll see what I can do. Chances are I'll get very bored eventually so I would be happy to make videos to stave off the soul-crushing boredom.

PS: The picture attached to this post is my cats

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