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You... Me... Instruments... Tooting

Hello and happy Thursday to you all!

Finally my music came in! I've been waiting for some duet books to come in and today is the day!

I saw a guy (Michael Lowenstern of Earspasm on YouTube) had this great idea to play social distanced duets. He does them for clarinet and at different levels. I wanted to do the same thing, at a junior high level and with as many instruments as I could. So here we go!

Here is how this will work:

I will upload a YouTube video of me playing one part of the duet (usually the bottom line).

You will go to the video and click the link in the description, bringing you to where you can find the music.

You watch the video to figure out which duet I'm playing and then practice the duet.

When you've got it, play it along with me!

HERE is a link to our YouTube channel in case you haven't already subscribed. I'm pretty sure there is a way to get notified when new videos are posted so do that because I won't send a Remind out or make a blog post every time I post one (that could get really annoying).

As of my typing this (4/2/20 5:42) there are only the Trombone and Clarinet videos uploaded. I'll have the flute and saxophone ones up soon, the Trumpet and Horn ones should be coming soon. I don't have anything for percussion just yet, but I'm working on it.

Enjoy! Wash your hands!

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